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We give you access to the whole of the UK mortgage market coupled with our superb online independent mortgage advice service.

We do not offer advice on mortgage products that are only available direct from the lender

In most cases we do not need to charge a mortgage brokers fee. Where a fee will be charged we make our terms clear to you at outset so that before incur any costs, you understand what charges will be made and why.

Our Terms & Fees

Where a fee is charged our terms are:

Engagement Fee £99

Payable before we start work to engage our services – this goes toward our costs in compiling information, researching your options, discussing your case with lenders and obtaining a mortgage offer in principle.

Application Fee £199

Payable when you wish to proceed to full application – this goes toward our costs in putting your case together in a fashion that will be suitable for the lender. The application fee also helps cover the costs of monitoring the case and liaising with the Lender.

Success Fee £499

Payable when you receive your formal mortgage offer from the Lender. We believe that we should only receive this fee once we have been successful in obtaining your mortgage funds.

Rework Fee £99

Payable when we have to resubmit or alter a previously submitted application – for example, due to a change of property.

When fees are payable

We charge fees when handling the following types of cases:

  • All mortgages under £200,000
  • Adverse credit mortgages
  • Buy to let or Let to buy mortgages
  • Clients with overseas based income
  • Guarantor mortgages
  • Mortgages for holders of temporary visas
  • Mortgages for contractors
  • Mortgages for locums
  • Newly self-employed applicants
  • Self-build mortgages

Where a fees are charged the total charged will be £797 (assuming no re-work)


Since our fees schedule means you only pay for work that we complete, refunds are not appropriate.