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Kent Reliance Mortgage Product Transfer rates

Kent Reliance Mortgage Product Transfer Residential Rates from:

2 years6.99%Fixed£0
2 years6.49%Fixed1%
3 years6.99%Fixed£0
3 years6.69%Fixed1%
5 years6.79%Fixed£0
5 years6.59%Fixed1%

Kent Reliance Mortgage Product Transfer Buy to Let Rates from:

1 year4.59%Fixed2%
2 years5.05%Tracker2%
2 years6.19%Fixed2%
3 years7.09%Fixed2%
5 years6.29%Fixed2%
1 year6.59%Fixed1%
2 years5.99%Tracker1%
2 years6.59%Fixed1%
3 years7.09%Fixed1%
5 years6.69%Fixed1%
1 year7.59%Fixed0%
2 years6.49%Tracker0%
2 years7.69%Fixed0%
3 years7.39%Fixed0%
5 years6.89%Fixed0%
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Kent Reliance Product Transfer Process

The process we can use to set you up a product transfer on your Kent Reliance mortgage will depend on your mortgage account number.

Kent Reliance 08 mortgage account numbers

Where your Kent Reliance Mortgage has an ’08’ mortgage account number we can handle your product transfer using a full online process.

  • We identify your product transfer options
  • You decide on your preferred mortgage product option
  • We submit a request for Product Transfer online on your behalf
  • Kent Reliance confirm the request, new rate, and start date

Kent Reliance 7000 mortgage account numbers

Product Transfer is a simple but paper-based process. Kent Reliance will not need to run a credit search or see proof of income when we arrange a Product Transfer for you.

  • Once we have the information on your mortgage account we can identify your options
  • We prepare a Kent Reliance authorisation form for your signature
  • We return that completed authorisation form to Kent Reliance
  • Kent Reliance prepare the Product Transfer Offer and forward it to us
  • We obtain your signature to approve the Product Transfer Offer
  • Kent Reliance confirm the new rate to start and the start date of that rate