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Your Skipton Rates List

Skipton Mortgage Rates for Existing Customers

Skipton Residential – five year fixed rates

Skipton mortgage rates for existing customers as of April 22, 2024

TypeRateFixed toLTVFee
5 year fixed4.68%31/07/202960%£0
5 year fixed4.36%31/07/202960%£1,295
5 year fixed4.85%31/07/202975%£0
5 year fixed4.52%31/07/202975%£1,295

Skipton Residential – two year fixed rates

Skipton mortgage rates for existing customers as of April 22, 2024

TypeRateFixed toLTVFee
2 year fixed5.15%31/07/202660%£0
2 year fixed4.85%31/07/202660%£495
2 year fixed5.20%31/07/202675%£0
2 year fixed4.97%31/07/202675%£495
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Skipton Residential 2 year tracker rates

2 yr Tracker5.92%2 years£99560%
2 yr Tracker6.02%2 years£99575%
2 yr Tracker6.09%2 years £99585%

Skipton Buy to Let – 5 year fixed rates

TypeRateFixed toFeeLTV
5 year fixed5.25%31/07/2029£060%
5 year fixed4.95%31/07/2029£1,29560%

Skipton Buy to Let – 2 year fixed rates

TypeRateFixed toFeeLTV

Skipton Building Society Mortgages – Background

Skipton Building Society, headquartered in Skipton, North Yorkshire was formed in 1853 and is currently the 4th largest building society in the United Kingdom.

Skipton Building Society is known for its large number of acquisitions of smaller Building Societies over the years and currently operates with 21 subsidiaries.

Apart from providing financial services, Skipton Building Society provides scholarships to the tune of GBP 2,000 per year to help students in the Richmondshire District attend university. There is also a Skipton Building Society charitable foundation established by the Society in early 2000.

Skipton Mortgage Underwriting

In common with most Building Societies, Skipton takes a conservative approach to mortgage underwriting. Their target market is A-grade credit clients with good income. For these clients, Skipton is a good source of re-mortgage and purchase mortgage products as pricing is often highly competitive.

Skipton switching your mortgage deal

In order to switch your mortgage deal with Skipton Mortgages the following needs to apply:

  • Your current Skipton mortgage rate is ending within six months, or
  • You are on the Skipton Mortgages variable rate
  • Your Skipton account is not in arrears
  • You do not have Consent to Let on your Skipton Mortgage Account
  • Your loan-to-value is no more than 90%

Other changes to your Skipton Mortgage Contract

We can also assist with:

  • Additional borrowing
  • Changing the Term of your mortgage
  • Changing repayment type from interest only to capital repayment

The following changes will trigger an automatic affordability check:

  • a change to the repayment type of your Skipton Mortgage
  • a decrease in the mortgage term
  • an increase to the mortgage term which takes the mortgage into retirement

When will your mortgage product transfer happen?

Your mortgage product transfer will happen the day after your current mortgage product term ends.

If you are on the standard variable rate or mortgage variable rate, the change will take place on the 1st of next month.

What if I do not agree with the auto valuation of my property?

Skipton Building Society use ONS statistics (House Price Index) to calculate your valuation. You can request to have a specific revaluation done on your property, but there will be a cost for this.