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Accord Mortgages Product Transfers for Existing Borrowers

Fixed rates for existing Accord Mortgages Borrowers

Rates current as of June 28, 2022
2 yr Fixed3.39%2 years£1,49565%
2 yr Fixed3.47%2 years£99565%
2 yr Fixed3.62%2 years £065%
3 yr Fixed3.84%3 years£065%
5 yr Fixed3.39%5 years£1,49565%
5 yr Fixed3.50%5 years£99565%
5 yr Fixed3.90%5 years £065%

Offset Fixed rates for existing Accord Mortgages Borrowers

Rates current as of June 28, 2022
Fixed3.77%2 years£99565%
Fixed4.04%2 years£065%
Fixed3.80%5 years£99565%
Fixed3.98%5 years£065%

Existing Accord Borrowers only

  • Existing Accord Mortgages Borrower?
  • Looking to get off of, or avoid 4.49% standard variable rate?
  • Make one simple phone call 020 8106 2197
  • No need to book an appointment
  • No need to prove income
  • No credit scoring

Accord Mortgages Buy to Let existing borrower transfer products

TypeRateFixed toFeeLTV
2 year fixed3.38%30/09/2024£1,49560%
2 year fixed 3.50%30/09/2024 £950 60%
2 year fixed 3.66%30/09/2024 £495 60%
2 year fixed3.95%30/09/2024£060%
3 year fixed3.65%30/09/2025£95060%
5 year fixed3.60%30/09/2027£1,49560%
5 year fixed 3.66% 30/09/2027 £95060%
5 year fixed3.72%30/09/2027£49560%
5 year fixed4.00%30/09/2027£060%

Process for Accord Mortgage Product Transfer

Call our team on 020 8979 9684. Have to hand your Accord mortgage account number (this is 10 digits long).

We will check your product options with Accord Mortgages and then discuss which would be most suitable for you.

Once you, as the borrower decide on your preferred rate, a simple signature requests the new mortgage rate from Accord Mortgages, which is then put in place as the current rate ends. This means you avoid mortgage interest on the expensive 4.49% variable rate.

Take action or things get expensive

If you have an outstanding mortgage of just £75,000 and leave your account to drift onto the 4.49% Accord Mortgages variable rate, you will be paying nearly £250 a month more interest than if you switched your rate.

A borrower with a £250,000 mortgage could save over £700 per month by simply contacting us and selecting a new, lower, mortgage rate.

Accord Mortgages Overpayment Options

Most Accord Mortgages products allow you to overpay by up to 10% each year without penalty. If you feel you may with to overpay by more than this please speak to our team who can talk to you about offsetting, or taking a mortgage product that allow you to overpay by up to 50% each year.