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Specialist Broker for Dentist Mortgages

Getting a Dentist mortgage

Qualified Dentists earn well above average incomes, and, as with most Professionals, they are attractive clients for mortgage lenders. In many cases however, arranging dentist mortgages is not so straightforward.

Problems arise where Dentists operate under some form of self-employed contract such as locum work or an associate contract. This is where our specialist advice on mortgage for Dentists can assist.

Mortgages for Associate Dentists new to a Practice

A Dentist that becomes an Associate in an established Practice is newly self-employed. This is often a problem with mainstream lenders in the first two years of trading as there is an insufficient self-employed track record for lending.

We have lenders that will consider a mortgage for Dentists who have recently become an Associate provided the Practice is well established with its own profitable track record.

Locum Dentist mortgages

A locum is considered a self-employed applicant by mortgage lenders. As a result, most lenders will want to see at least two years trading history in order to lend to a Locum Dentist.
Since many of our Dentist clients use locum work to boost their earning power, or fit in around lifestyle commitments, this work is often entered into for shorter periods.

We understand this unique circumstance, so have arranged lending sources that will consider a mortgage for Dentists working locum with trading periods of under 12 months.

Change of Trading style as a Dentist

Have you previously been a Sole Trader, and now gone Limited? Is your Bank telling you that you need to have been trading two years as a Limited Company to get a Dentist Mortgage? This is not the criteria for our Lenders.

We regularly arrange a mortgage for Dentists that have recently changed trading style.

Dentists NHS/UDAs and Private Practice

Where a Dentist has an NHS employed contract of UDA’s and also carries out additional work on a private basis, this can be a complex scenario to put to a high street mortgage lender.

Fortunately, we deal with this kind of profile for Dental Surgeons every day and can help smooth the way for you.

Saving Dentist’s time and money

Our online mortgage advice is designed to reduce the time it takes for Dentists to interact with us in order to arrange their mortgage. We save you time to save you money.

We specialise in mortgages for Dentists and other Professionals such as: