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Coventry Mortgage Rates

Coventry Building Society Mortgage Rates

5 year fixed rates

Coventry mortgage rates for existing customers as of May 3, 2024

5 year fixed4.66%30/11/29£99965%
5 year fixed4.73%30/11/29£065%
5 year fixed4.78%30/11/29£99975%
5 year fixed4.81%30/11/29£075%
5 year fixed4.86%30/11/29£99985%
5 year fixed4.95%30/11/29£085%
5 year fixed4.89%30/11/29£99990%
5 year fixed4.98%30/11/29£090%

2 year fixed rates

Coventry mortgage rates for existing customers as of May 3, 2024

2 year fixed 4.98%30/11/26£99965%
2 year fixed 5.15%30/11/26£065%
2 year fixed 5.03%30/11/26£99975%
2 year fixed5.25%30/11/26£075%
2 year fixed5.19%30/11/26£99980%
2 year fixed5.39%30/11/26£080%
2 year fixed5.24%30/11/26£99985%
2 year fixed5.44%30/11/26£085%
2 year fixed5.28%30/11/26£99990%
2 year fixed5.50%30/11/26£090%

Offset Rates

Coventry mortgage rates for existing customers as of May 3, 2024

2 year fixed offset5.28%30/11/26£99965%
5 year fixed offset4.96%30/11/29£99965%

Interest Only Rates

Coventry mortgage rates for existing customers as of May 3, 2024

2 year fixed IO5.48%30/11/26£050%
5 year fixed IO5.23%30/11/29£050%

Our Coventry Building Society Mortgage Service

  • Are you an existing Coventry Building Society borrower?
  • Is it time for you to switch to a new deal?
  • Make one simple phone call to speak to a mortgage advisor at A Mortgage Now on 020 8979 9684
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Current Coventry Standard Variable Rate 7.49%

This is the rate you will be paying on your mortgage if you take no action when your current mortgage rate ends.

Coventry Building Society Early Repayment Charges

ProductEarly Repayment Charges
2 year fixed2.00% until 30/11/2026
3 year fixed3.00% until 30/11/2026
2.00% until 30/11/2027
5 year fixed5.00% until 30/11/2027
3.00% until 30/11/2028
1.00% until 30/11/2029
Flex productNone
Overpayment Allowanceup to 10% of the outstanding balance can be repaid per annum without penalty

Product Transfer Process

Coventry Building Society allow existing residential mortgage customers to secure and select a new mortgage rate up to 4 months in advance.
This means that if you have an existing Coventry mortgage with a product that is coming up to its expiry date you can select a new rate in good time.

The process for product transfer with Coventry mortgages with our team is very straightforward and there is no paperwork to deal with.

There are no legal costs or valuation costs and many of the Coventry mortgage products are fees free. There is no underwriting (so no credit searches or proof of income) provided you are not looking to increase your borrowing.

The process is as follows:

You provide us with the information we need to identify your Coventry mortgage options – you can do that over the telephone on 0208 979 9684 or via our secure online form.

Once we have access to your Coventry mortgage account we will let you know your current balance, when your current mortgage rate ends, and we will list all your potential new rate options. We can answer any questions you have regarding the best new rate for you, and then we take your instruction as to how to proceed.

Once you have identified a Coventry mortgage rate you wish to proceed with we secure that online using the lenders mortgage sales and origination system. We will email you a copy of the mortgage offer to ensure that you are happy with it.

Changing your selected Coventry mortgage rate

In the current market, mortgage rates and offerings can change regularly. As a result, there may be a situation where you secure a mortgage rate and then before that new rate takes effect the lender brings out a replacement rate which is more attractive. Where this is the case we can cancel your original request and secure the new Coventry mortgage rate. This is possible until the 23rd of the month prior to your new rate starting.

Buy to let mortgages

Buy to let mortgage contracts with Coventry mortgages are marketed under the Godiva Mortgages brand name. We therefore have a separate page to help borrowers with buy to let mortgages held with the Godiva Coventry Group.

If you have a Godiva buy to let mortgage click here

A few clients may have a residential mortgage under the Godiva brand. This is rare, but if this applies to you please call our team on 0208 979 9684

More detail about Coventry mortgages


Most mortgage products with Coventry group are ‘portable’, this means that you can take the mortgage product and assign it to a new mortgage on a different property without paying any early redemption penalties. (If your new borrowing is less than your original borrowing you may incur an early redemption penalty on the difference)

Suitable applicants with Coventry mortgages

Applicants must be 18 or over and no more than 75 years old at the end of the mortgage term.

If a residential mortgage is to be taken beyond age 70 the client will need to evidence they can afford to pay the mortgage on their pension income.
Applicants must be permanently resident in the UK and be UK nationals or have permanent leave to remain. Settled or pre-settled status is also suitable.