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If you need to raise some extra funds against your property at a competitive rate without disturbing your current mortgage arrangements, we can assist. Whether you are raising funds on your home or an investment property, our quote engine compares products from across the market.

Secured Loans – points worth knowing

Advantages of not touching your main mortgage

Secured loans are ideal if you need extra funds but do not wish to change your current mortgage.

If for example:

  • You are locked into a fixed rate
  • You are on a very low tracker rate
  • You have an interest only mortgage
  • You have issues on your credit file

Objectives for your secured loan

Secured loan lenders are much more flexible in the purposes for which they will advance funds. Re-mortgage lenders will cap maximum buy to let on a re-mortgage if you are raising capital.

You can apply for a secured loan for a wide range of reasons including:

  • Home improvements
  • Buying other property
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Tax Bills
  • Business needs
  • School fees
  • Gifts to help children or grandchildren purchase property

Credit history and secured loans

Homeowner loan lenders are more flexible with credit issues. Applicants for secured loans who have a clean history for the previous 12 months should find little difficulty.

Secured loans and affordability

Homeowner loan lenders tend to work on a loan payment versus net income basis so can often provide advances higher than those available on re-mortgages.