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Paragon Bank Mortgage Product Switch Service

Rates current as of July 27, 2023

Paragon Bank product switch – Non Portfolio single units rates from:

2 years5.69%Fixed3.00%75%
5 years5.99%Fixed3.00%75%
5 years6.59%FixedNil75%
12 months discount5.75%Discount1.50%75%
2 year discount5.62%Discount2.50%75%

Rates revert to 8.10% = Paragon SVR less 1.25%

Paragon Bank Mortgage Product Switch

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Paragon Bank product switch – Portfolio HMO’s rates from:

2 years5.69%Fixed3.00%75%
5 years5.99%Fixed3.00%75%
5 years6.59%Fixed075%
12 months discount5.75%Discounted1.50%75%
2 year discount5.62%Discounted2.50%75%

Paragon Bank Portfolio Product Switches are available for Landlords with 4 or more buy-to-let mortgaged properties.

Rates revert to 8.10% = Paragon SVR less 1.25%

Paragon Mortgages Track to Fix Feature

Since December 2022 Paragon Mortgages discounted mortgage products benefit from a Track to Fix Feature. This means that at any time, you as the Landlord can switch to one of the Paragon Mortgages Product Transfer Fixed Rates without incurring an early redemption penalty (subject to meet eligibility requirements at the time of the switch).

Paragon Mortgages – Key Criteria for Borrowers

Paragon Mortgages are a specialist buy to let mortgage Lender serving buy to let Landlords, including Portfolio Landlords and HMO Properties.

Paragon Maximum Loan to Value

Maximum Loan to ValueUp to Loan of

Maximum Borrowing

Maximum borrowing per borrower is typically £10,000,000, although this can be negotiated in some cases.

Age Range

Minimum age of applicant 21 at application. Maximum age 85 at the end of the mortgage term

Property Criteria

Minimum valuation £750,000

Must have Energy Performance Certificate of at least E

Properties dividend in to up to 20 units can be considered

Part commercial consider if commercial area is no more that 40% of the total floor space

For more complex properties and multi units Landlords showing have 3 years letting experience

Paragon and Limited Company Borrowing

Lending to Limited Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships considered.