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Paragon Bank Mortgage Product Switch Service

Rates current as of July 1, 2021

Paragon Bank product switch – Non Portfolio single units rates from:

2 yrs3.30%Fixed0.5%75%
2 yrs3.45%Fixed£075%
5 yrs3.45%Fixed0.5%75%
5 yrs3.60%Fixed£075%

Paragon Bank Mortgage Product Switch

  • Existing Paragon Bank Mortgage borrower?
  • Looking for a product switch?
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  • No need to book an appointment with a Mortgage Adviser
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Paragon Bank product switch – Portfolio HMO’s rates from:

2 yrs3.40%Fixed0.5%75%
2 yrs3.55%Fixed£075%
5 yrs3.55%Fixed0.5%75%
5 yrs3.70%Fixed£075%

Paragon Bank Portfolio Product Switches are available for Landlords with 4 or more mortgaged buy to let properties.