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Expat Mortgage

We now have access to a superb flexible range of buy to let mortgages for UK Nationals living, working or retired outside of the UK.

These expats buy to let mortgages are available for both remortgage and purchase.

Expat Buy to let mortgages are available for:

  • Properties throughout England and Wales
  • British expats working outside the UK
  • Retired British expats
  • Lending up to 75% of value
  • Lending available up to £1 million

Rental calculation for expats buy to let mortgages

We expect most UK expats to be basic rate taxpayers if they still have income in the UK.

For basic rate taxpayers £1,000 per month of rent raises up to £300,000 lending*

*Varies dependent on applicant and product – for most applicants, £1,000 per month of rent raises £174,000 of lending

Available rates for expats buy to let mortgages

Our lenders feature buy to let products with rates from 3.14%

Sometimes additional lending can be offered if borrowers select a five-year fixed rate deal with rates from 3.64%

Key eligibility criteria for expats buy to let mortgages

Buy to let mortgages for UK expats
In order to obtain buy to let ex pat funding from our Lenders you will need:

  • To be a British national living or working outside the UK
  • To still own a property in the UK
  • To have paid tax in the UK in the last five years
  • To have at least three active accounts on your UK credit record
  • To have a sensible UK credit profile

The expat mortgage process

We do everything online without meetings and without paperwork. This is perfect for dealing with expats around the world.

We can exchange information with you via the Internet, email, and telephone in order to prepare your case for submission to lenders.

Our fees for handling your expat buy to let mortgage are a total of £797 of which,

  • £99 is payable when you engage us to assist you
  • £199 is payable on application
  • £499 is payable when you have received your formal mortgage offer