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Godiva Mortgages Product Transfers from 1.29%

Godiva Mortgages Buy to Let Product Transfers 65% loan to value

Rates current as of January 21, 2022
TypeRateFixed toFeeLTV
2 year fixed1.39%30/04/2024£1,99965%
2 year fixed1.75% 30/04/2024 £99965%
2 year fixed2.05% 30/04/2024 £065%
5 year fixed1.99% 31/07/2027 £1,99965%
5 year fixed2.15% 31/07/2027 £99965%
5 year fixed2.29% 31/07/2027 £065%

Godiva Mortgages Buy to Let Product Transfers 75% loan to value

TypeRateFixed toFeeLTV
2 year fixed1.85% 30/04/2024 £1,99975%
2 year fixed2.19% 30/04/2024 £99975%
2 year fixed2.55% 30/04/2024 £075%
5 year fixed2.55% 31/07/2027 £1,99975%
5 year fixed2.69% 31/07/2027 £99975%
5 year fixed2.85% 31/07/2027 £075%

Existing Godiva Mortgages Buy to Let mortgage holders

We can assist you to obtain a new rate

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Godiva Mortgage Limited are the buy to let mortgage arm Coventry Building Society. The rates shown are for existing borrowers switching to a new rate with the Lender.
Godiva Mortgages product transfers can be secured up to 4 months before the maturity date of your current Godiva Mortgage product.

The process is simple. Contact us, we will retain rates options for you, You select the Godiva product transfer rate you want and we generate full figures for your approval.

We need your approval on figures by the 20th of the month to swop a rate on the 1st of the following month

Godiva Mortgages and Portfolio Landlords

Godiva Mortgages have a specific set of product transfer rates for existing borrowers who are also ‘portfolio landlords’. A ‘portfolio landlord’ is a borrower who has four or more buy to let mortgaged properties at the time of the product transfer. On a Godiva Mortgage held in joint names, the mortgaged buy to lets of all Godiva mortgage holders will be aggregated to test this criteria.

Example, Godiva mortgage holder one has 1 other mortgaged buy to let, mortgage holder two has 2 other mortgage buy to lets, total 4 mortgaged buy to lets.
These mortgage holders are portfolio landlords.

Godiva Mortgages Portfolio Landlord Product Transfer rates 65% loan to value

TypeRateFixed toFeeLTV
2 year fixed1.65%30/04/2024£1,99965%
2 year fixed1.99% 30/04/2024 £99965%
2 year fixed2.29% 30/04/2024 £065%
5 year fixed2.25% 31/07/2027 £1,99965%
5 year fixed2.35% 31/07/2027 £99965%
5 year fixed2.55% 31/07/2027 £065%

Godiva Mortgages Portfolio Landlord Product Transfer rates 75% loan to value

TypeRateFixed toFeeLTV
2 year fixed2.09% 30/04/2024 £1,99975%
2 year fixed2.45% 30/04/2024 £99975%
2 year fixed2.79% 30/04/2024 £075%
5 year fixed2.79% 31/07/2027 £1,99975%
5 year fixed2.95% 31/07/2027 £99975%
5 year fixed3.09% 31/07/2027 £075%

Godiva Residential mortgages existing customers

Godiva Mortgages are part of Coventry Building Society. Godiva Mortgages is the buy to let brand for the Society. Godiva mortgages did offer some residential mortgages under it’s own brand for a brief period. Where you are an existing Godiva mortgage holder on a residential mortgage, rates available for product transfer are as follows:

Godiva Mortgages Existing Residential Borrowers 50% loan to value

TypeRateFixed toFeeLTV
2 yr Fixed1.29%30/06/2024£050%
5 yr Fixed1.35%30/06/2027£050%