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Leeds Building Society is among the UK’s top rated building societies offering good value and wide range of mortgage and investment products to its members.
The Society was started in 1885 when people committed to principle of mutuality came together (then as Leeds Union Operative Land and Building Society) and devotedly contributed towards share build up. When substantial funds were accumulated, the members cast a ballot where the beneficiary was advanced sufficient funds to acquire a property. This was repeated for all members.

Thirty years later, the society having gained momentum, formally registered itself as Leeds and Holbeck building society, managing an encouraging 450 new accounts in the first year and having distributed a whopping £16,000.

Fast forward to today, the society later renamed Leeds Building Society, is still member owned offering attractive mortgage and saving products thereby earning its place as one of the top performing, results oriented societies in the UK Leeds Building Society has embraced modern technology and offers its members various internet services, enabling online saving, application and statements access services as well as a secure 24 hour access service.

Leeds Building Society Mortgage Underwriting

Leeds Building Society are a little more adventurous than most of their competition with underwriting flexibility and pricing. They are particularly active in the affordable housing market.

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