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Coventry Building Society Background

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The Coventry Building Society which is based in the United Kingdom is the third largest building society in the country, in December 2010 the society had around £22.3 billion in total assets.

Coventry were founded in 1884 and their aim was to provide better access to finance for the local community. After just 30 years and as the society’s reputation grew locally, it became the largest in the country by asset share.

Today, the Coventry Building Society has well over 1.5 million members and 91 branches in the West Midlands and South West region.

Lady Godiva is the iconic figure associated with the city of Coventry which is used in the Coventry Building Society company logo. The society revealed back in March 2010 that it would be merging with the Stroud and Swindon Building Society to create a society. This new society would still be known as the Coventry Building Society brand.

Coventry Building Society Mortgage Underwriting

Coventry frequently have competitively priced mortgage products available and therefore they are a regular source of funding for our clients. We find them to be among the more particular Lenders in respect of mortgage underwriting.

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