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Getting a Mortgage with a Limited Company

We recently took a call from an enquirer that got the A Mortgage Now team thinking about common misconceptions around getting a mortgage with a limited company. We find ourselves often explaining to clients exactly what lenders are looking for when considering applications from directors of limited companies. Because of this, we thought it best … Read more

Mortgages for Company Directors

Mortgages for Company Directors Mortgages for Company Directors can be raised based on your PAYE or Dividend Income, and also on Retained Profit. Specialist mortgage brokers can assist where trading history is minimal, profit has fluctuated, or the trading situation is particularly complex. We can help where:- In fact, whatever the issue, we can arrange … Read more

Self-employed? How much do you earn for mortgage purposes?

We often find that our self-employed mortgage applicants are unsure what to consider as their ‘income’ for mortgage purposes when making a mortgage application. This is not a simple question. What a self-employed applicant can consider as income will depend on the mortgage lender they’re using and most importantly their trading style. Other factors include … Read more