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Online mortgage application – the benefits

When you apply for a mortgage in the current market, it can be a complex process, some would say unnecessarily complex. There are various ways you can apply for your mortgage, for example by visiting your local bank or having a face-to-face meeting with an independent mortgage broker.

We believe the best way to apply for your mortgage is through online mortgage application.

What does this mean?

In short

  • no meetings
  • no paperwork
  • no fuss

Online mortgage application and A Mortgage Now

We have been giving our clients the opportunity to apply for their mortgage online since 2004.

We recognised shortly after setting up our business that our clients often found face-to-face meetings an intrusion on their time, and quite frankly boring. Also, if the client had a problem making a meeting, it held up the whole process. If an item of paperwork was not available, it delayed the process further. There had to be a better way.

We decided then, that the advent of the Internet gave us an opportunity to give our clients a new way to apply for a mortgage – online mortgage application.

Online mortgage application – what does it mean?

When you apply for a mortgage through our online mortgage application process, you do not need to set time aside to meet. You do not need to sit in front of us while we fill out mortgage paperwork, and you do not need to arrange further meetings to complete mortgage applications.

After all, you want to secure your mortgage successfully, and get the best rate you possibly can, with the least amount of inconvenience and aggravation.

When you apply for a mortgage with A Mortgage Now, we strip away all the fuss, leaving just the independent mortgage advice and quality service you would expect.

How does applying for a mortgage online work?

You can start the process in any one of three ways.

Call us now on 020 8979 9684 – if you prefer to have an initial exploratory phone call, our team are always available to speak to you.

Email us – you may email us in the first instance with an outline of your enquiry, or if you simply wish to ask a question about applying for a mortgage, feel free to do so.

If you call us or email us and have then decided you are ready to proceed further, our secure, online, 7 minute mortgage form will be the next step.

Your third option with your enquiry, is to go straight to our 7 minute mortgage service.

It takes just seven minutes to complete our secure online mortgage request form. This form gives us all the background information we need to accurately assess your mortgage options for you.

Once we have an outline of your situation and your requirements, we can assess your mortgage options from the whole of the market. We will then have a concise telephone conversation with you to discuss the best way forward.

Once we have identified how you wish to proceed, we generate your personal quotation for your proposed mortgage and will email this to you. You confirm you are comfortable with the quotation and you wish to proceed. It is at that point, that we ask for your permission to run credit score – we do not run credit scores on clients without their express permission.

We then run a mortgage decision in principle with the selected lender.

To progress to full mortgage application, we will require some details of the property and further background information. This can all be provided to us securely via our custom online systems.

Once you have applied for your mortgage, we keep you updated regularly by telephone, SMS text, and email.

Please note – we are here to assist you and make it possible for you to apply online for a mortgage without meetings, without paperwork, and without fuss. This does not mean you should expect any less in terms of service or support. Your case is allocated to an experienced independent mortgage broker, who will be your main point of contact throughout.

Should you have any queries or concerns at any stage, you are welcome to contact your broker 24/7 by email, SMS text, or by telephone.

Applying for your mortgage online – providing documentation

When you apply for your mortgage, we will let you know what supporting information will be required. That information can be provided to us by post or through our custom secure online upload facility.

We will make it very clear exactly what information is required. It is important that we get all the information requested, in the format requested. This ensures that your mortgage application progresses swiftly and soundly.

Online mortgage application – getting it right

Our aim is to get every client the mortgage they need, and to provide every client with the best service possible.

We build our business by client recommendation, and satisfied clients are clients that recommend us to others.

Each client is invited to complete our online feedback form to give us their view on our service.