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Holiday Let

Holiday Let mortgages

We can arrange a holiday let mortgage for you on a UK property that you intend to use some of the time and let out on other occasions.

Holiday let mortgage rates are extremely attractive and are available on an interest only basis.

Holiday let mortgage examples

Purchase priceMortgage sizeLoan to valueMortgage payment fromBased on Weekly rental of
£300,000£180,00060%£503 pm£145 pw
£300,000£225,00075%£917 pm£265 pw

Figures above are based on interest only lending, you can pay back capital as you wish

Key underwriting issues for holiday let mortgage applicants

  • Holiday let mortgage applicants must have a clean credit record
  • You must own your own home
  • You must earn a minimum of £30,000
  • Three months bank statements will be required showing satisfactory conduct
  • A statement of assets and liabilities must be provided
  • Your holiday let must be valued at a minimum of £125,000 (or £84,000 for lower loan to value lending)
  • Minimum mortgage available is £50,000
  • These products are not available for static caravans

Broker fees for your holiday let mortgage application

Our total fees to arrange your holiday let mortgage will be £797 of which:

  • £99 is payable when you engage us
  • £199 is payable on full application
  • £499 is payable on receipt of formal mortgage offer

Any initial enquiry is free of charge as we are quite happy to discuss the potential of your holiday let mortgage application in principle before we open a file.