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Halifax product transfer rates from 1.09% – existing customers only

Halifax mortgage customers

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Halifax product transfer rates

Existing Halifax mortgage clients have mortgage product transfer rate offers specific to their account.
To access the full range of rates available to you, use our service.

When applying direct to the Lender or via an APP you will not be able to access:

2 year fixed rates
the best rates for larger mortgages

these rates are only available via Regulated Mortgage Brokers like A Mortgage Now

Examples of rates available through us include:

2 yrs Fixed1.09%31/10/23£99560%
3 yrs Fixed1.16%31/10/24£99560%
5 yrs Fixed1.23%31/10/26£99960%

7 Great things about Halifax Product Transfers through A Mortgage Now

We can get you a lower rate
We can access lower rates for larger mortgages that you cannot get direct.

We can access ALL available Halifax rates for you
We establish your mortgage balance and current property value and let you know all the rates available to you (including two year fixed rates which are not offered to you when you deal direct with Halifax).

You can reserve your new deal with us – now
You can reserve a new Halifax mortgage product up to 90 days before your current deal ends. If your new Halifax rate is lower, we can even transfer your product early, saving you money.

You can switch quickly
We can get your new mortgage product offer secured within hours in most cases.

There’s no credit check
A Halifax product transfer is available regardless of your recent credit history.

Changes in your circumstances are not a problem
We can arrange a Halifax product transfer even if your income has dropped or one borrower has stopped working.

There’s no need for a house valuation
We obtain a valuation of your property from Halifax, same day, at no cost.


In order to be eligible for Halifax Product Transfer switch:

  • You must be an existing Halifax residential mortgage client
  • Your mortgage account must be up to date with no history of arrears
  • You must be currently on a product with a product end date in the next 90 days

Halifax ‘A’ Numbers Product Transfers

Have you a Halifax mortgage account number starting with an A?


Been told you need to go in Branch to make a Product Transfer?

This is no longer the case and our team can assist you online.


  • You must be an existing Halifax residential mortgage client
  • Your mortgage account must be up to date with no history of arrears
  • You must be currently on a product with a product end date in the next 90 days

Halifax Mortgage product transfer rates – lending bands

Halifax product transfer rates are priced across lending bands and loan to values.

Lending Bands

  • £0 to £99,999
  • £99,000 to £249,999
  • £250,000 to £7,500,000

Loan to value Bands

  • Up to 60%
  • Up to 75%
  • Up to 85%
  • Up to 95%*
  • Up to £120%*

* these products are designed to assist Halifax mortgage clients who are close to, or drifting into negative equity. 120% loan to value is not available for new borrowers.

Halifax part of the Lloyds Banking Group and have the biggest market share on mortgages in the UK.
Halifax mortgage pricing is sometimes the most competitive in the market but they do not seek to win business purely on price. Flexibility of their underwriting criteria is a key reason why many people use Halifax for their mortgage.
Below we outline some of the key points to note when considering Halifax as your mortgage provider.

Halifax underwriting – key benefits


Maximum age at the end of the mortgage term with Halifax is 80 years. Where an applicant expects to take a mortgage beyond their retirement age, or age 70 (whichever is the earlier), the lender will need to be confident that the applicant can support the mortgage on their proven retirement income.
The minimum age to obtain a mortgage with Halifax is 18 at application.

Concessionary purchase

Concessionary purchase can be considerable Halifax but only where the original owner moves out immediately on completion. Vendor can be a close family member or a landlord.

Forces Help to Buy to buy scheme

Funds from a Forces Help to Buy to buy scheme can be used in conjunction with a Help to Buy to buy scheme purchase.

Gifted deposit from family

Gifted deposit is acceptable to Halifax from blood relative or family by marriage or civil partnership, or between common-law partners or cohabitees.
They will not consider gifted deposits from friends, employers, landlords, cousins.

Halifax and ‘mortgage prisoners’

Halifax will consider applicants classed as ‘mortgage prisoners’ for remortgage applications.
This applies to borrowers who found themselves with a mortgage lender that is is no longer active and able to offer new rates.
Provided the applicant parties credit score Halifax can still accept the application even if affordability does not fit provided:

  • it is a remortgage of the main residence with no additional borrowing
  • maximum borrowing is 75% of the property value
  • the new monthly payment must be no more than 5% higher than the current payment
  • the mortgage cannot be on a shared equity or shared ownership scheme
  • the potential borrowers must not be in financial difficulty*

*financial difficulty means falling current commitments of expenditure but not managing day-to-day control, overspending, overcommitted financially or over indebted

IT Contractors

Income from IT Contractors can be considered by Halifax where there is a 12 month history and six months of the contract remaining, or a two-year history as a contractor.

Multiple applicants

Halifax will accept up to 4 applicants considering a maximum of two incomes.

Professional sports people

Halifax will consider lending to professional sports people have at least 12 months employment with more than six months of their contract remaining. Where applicants are nearing the end of their likely careers the lender will want to satisfy themselves that monthly payments can be met should the career be ended abruptly due to injury.

Rental Income

Rental income can be used to offset the cost of buy to let mortgage payments but will not be added in to support affordability.

Remortgaging and raising capital

Halifax will consider remortgaging and raising of capital up to 85% loan to value.

Affordability and self-employment

Halifax currently offer slightly less unaffordability where one applicant is self-employed.
Applicants who own less than 25% of the business will not be considered self-employed for lending purposes and will be underwritten as employed.

Second Incomes

Halifax can accept income from a second job or self-employment provided they can satisfy themselves the client can sustain both forms of income.

Zero Hour contracts

Halifax will consider applicants with zero hour contracts once they have a 12 month history.

Halifax underwriting – points to watch out for


Halifax will not consider applicants with a history of bankruptcy registered within the past six years.

EWS Forms

Halifax will require an external wall system form (EWS 1) where any building has a potentially combustible planning system. Full will need to confirm that there are no significant quantities of combustible materials or defects requiring remedial work. The valuer will advise where an EWS 1 form is required.
Buildings up to 6 stories or 18 m in height technically do not need at EWS 1 form but it may still be requested.

Ex Pats

Halifax do not accept applications from expats.

First Time Buyers

To be eligible for a first-time buyer product with Halifax at least one applicant needs to have not previously had a mortgage or purchased a property either in the UK or abroad.

Furlough income

Halifax will not consider income from Furloughed employees until they are back at work no Furlough income showing on a payslip.

Interest only

Interest only mortgages can be obtained with Halifax but there is some strict criteria on eligibility.
In particular joint applicants must have a total income of £150,000 of a single applicant a total income of £100,000.
(Existing Halifax interest only mortgage account holders are not subject to this criteria to continue on interest only)
Where sale of mortgaged property is to be used as a method to repay the capital on the mortgage must be a minimum equity of £300,000. Lending up to 50% loan to value can be considered interest only with the remaining element up to 75% loan to value taken on a capital repayment basis.
Lending into retirement is not possible on an interest only arrangement.

Halifax lending limits

Halifax will lend up to £500,000 with a 5% deposit, and up to £750,000 with a 10% deposit.
Borrowing over £1 million will require a minimum 20% deposit, and 30% deposit for borrowing over £2 million.
Maximum lending on remortgage of unencumbered policies will be 85% loan to value.


Up to 2 lodgers in the property are accepted provided they are sharing living accommodation. Income from lodgers is not included in affordability calculations.

Non standard construction

Properties of non-standard construction can be considered and will be assessed on their own merits by the valuer. For example precast concrete buildings may need to have undergone repair the be considered acceptable.

Lending on second homes

Halifax will consider lending on second homes up to 75% loan to value. Occasional letting of the second home can be considered but if more than four months per year it will be considered the buy to let and treated accordingly.

Halifax and self build lending

Halifax will consider self build lending but will need to schedule and cost of works, full planning consent, and appropriate insurance for construction.
Halifax customers cannot put their existing mortgage product to a self build.
Maximum loan to value for self build is 75% and loan size up to £1 million.
Halifax will release the funds in a maximum of five instalments, normally at the following stages:

  • purchase of the land
  • completing the foundations
  • construction of walls to wall plate level
  • roof complete
  • build complete

Halifax and leases

The minimum remaining lease term for a Halifax application is 70 years.

Minimum valuation

Minimum property valuation for Halifax applicants is £40,000