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Tax Calculations and Tax Year Overviews for Self Employed Mortgages

Tax Calculations and Tax Year Overviews, proving self employed income To prove your income for a mortgage application as a self employed person you will require: Tax Calculations covering the requested tax years* Tax Year Overviews to accompany each tax calculation *typically the last 2 or 3 tax years Further issues for the self employed … Read more

Self-employed? How much do you earn for mortgage purposes?

We often find that our self-employed applicants are unsure what to consider as their ‘income’ for mortgage purposes when making a mortgage application. This is not a simple question. What a self-employed applicant can consider as income will depend on the mortgage lender there using and most importantly their trading style. Other factors include ownership … Read more

Tax Calculations and Tax Year Overviews | downloading from the HMRC website

Mortgage Lenders now require copies of Tax Calculations (SA302s) and Tax Year Overview for self employed applicants. These documents can be downloaded from HMRC Gateway online tax return submission service. However, we find that our clients frequently have trouble navigating the HMRC website and obtaining copies of the required documents in the required format. This … Read more

Self Employed Mortgages F.A.Q’s

Our most frequently asked self employed mortgage questions How many years trading figures do I need? To satisfy all lenders you will need three years trading figures. Many lenders work on two years figures. A few will work on a single year’s figures. What do mortgage lenders consider as my income? This depends on your … Read more