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Help to buy equity loan scheme – buying out your equity loan

Buying out your Equity Loan – Example Original Help to Buy Purchase Original Price £300,000 Cash deposit £15,000 Equity Loan £60,000 Mortgage £255,000 Mortgage Payments £960 pcm Buying Out Help to Buy Equity Loan today Current Value £320,000 Mortgage Balance £222,000 Equity Loan Buyout £64,000 Re-Mortgage Required £286,000 (£222,000 + £64,000) New Mortgage Payments £1,205 … Read more

Save on your mortgage get off standard variable rate

Save money on your mortgage now Mortgage borrowers on standard variable rate could be overpaying by nearly £300 a month. Our analysis shows that borrowers still on lender’s standard variable rates will be paying up to £290 per month more in interest than necessary (based on a £100,000 mortgage). How much are you wasting every … Read more