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Mortgage application timescales

Mortgage application timescales – slashed with our online service Online service- it takes just 7 minutes to apply No meetings No paperwork No fuss Whole of market advice Offer in principle 24 hours (in most cases) Full Offer 10 days (in most cases) Current Mortgage Lender’s timescales Timescales current as of Lender Initial Review (days) … Read more

Porting a mortgage

What is porting a mortgage? Porting a mortgage is one of the areas where we find borrowers get most confused. Porting is a feature offered by most mainstream lenders on residential products, and by many lenders on buy to let products. When you are porting a mortgage, you are not actually ‘porting the mortgage’, you … Read more

How to accept your new Santander Mortgage Deal online

Problems accepting your new Santander Mortgage Rate online? We find Client’s sometimes find the Santander online mortgage acceptance process confusing. When you select a new mortgage rate, Santander email you with a link to a web page where you can view your new mortgage offer and accept your new mortgage rate online. The most common … Read more

Stamp Duty Land Tax Relief for First Time Buyers

[7min]In today’s budget the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, announced Stamp Duty Land Tax Relief for First Time Buyers to start today 22nd November 2017. The relief is available on all properties up to £500,000 purchase price where all buyers are ‘First Time Buyers’. We have already had a number of queries from our clients about this … Read more

How to download your Bank Statements Online

Why do Mortgage Lenders ask to see Bank Statements? Primarily to: Ensure no payments have been returnedEnsure any overdraft limit is not exceedSee income being banked as per wage slipsSee existing rent or mortgage payments going outSpot regular payments that have not been listed on the application The importance of your bank statements in a … Read more

Virgin Money Mortgage Brokers

We are Virgin Money mortgage brokers and we can help you with Virgin Money mortgage applications or indeed applications to mortgage lenders across the whole of the UK market. Why are Virgin Money promoting mortgage brokers? Virgin Money have realised that the new rules around mortgage regulation make it beneficial for most borrowers to source … Read more