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Godiva Mortgages Product Transfers

Godiva Mortgage Limited Buy to Let Product Transfers 65% loan to value Type Rate Fixed to Fee LTV 2 year fixed 1.25% 31/10/2023 £1,999 65% 2 year fixed 1.59% 31/10/2023 £999 65% 2 year fixed 1.89% 31/10/2023 £0 65% 5 year fixed 1.65% 31/10/2026 £1,999 65% 5 year fixed 1.79% 31/10/2026 £999 65% 5 year … Read more

Leeds Building Society Existing Customers rates from 1.49%

Leeds Building Society Mortgage Rates from 1.49% Existing Leeds Building Society borrower?Looking to switch to a new Rate?Make one simple phone call to 020 8979 9684No need to book an appointment with a Mortgage Adviser Fixed rates for existing Leeds Building Society borrowers 2 year fixed rate 1.69% until 31st March 2020 3 year fixed … Read more

Virgin Money Mortgage Brokers

We are Virgin Money mortgage brokers and we can help you with Virgin Money mortgage applications or indeed applications to mortgage lenders across the whole of the UK market. Why are Virgin Money promoting mortgage brokers? Virgin Money have realised that the new rules around mortgage regulation make it beneficial for most borrowers to source … Read more

Secure Upload

Looking to upload documentation to us safety and securely? If so, avoid email and use our secure link below. You can use our secure link to upload electronic files of up to 2GB in size. Use your usual email when uploading to receive a receipt by email both on upload and when we download our … Read more